Creating Missional Margin

How do you lead in mission while struggling with a tight schedule and stressful jobs?

My wife and I plan to eventually begin a Missional Community in our home, but our work schedule was the one obstacle in our being able to do it the way we really wanted. Preparation for the family meal was our biggest concern given our tight schedule. My wife commented once that she thought perhaps God was putting it in her heart about quitting work so she could be more available to others and enable us to do an MC the way we wanted. We shared this with leadership in our church and our current MC and they began to pray for us. We talked about it from time to time, then one day she was unexpectedly let go from her job. Our thought was, well, maybe that’s the answer to our question. However, within a week, another job opportunity came along that was far less stressful and carried less responsibility and we both felt confident in her accepting the position.

Two things we’ve taken from this recent bump in the road: one is that she has greater opportunity to have gospel impact by being in the path of people in the workplace than she would have had at home. Two, God provided the margin in our lives we needed through the new job to host and lead a new MC. Our problem was lack of margin because of our work, so God removed the obstacle.

Call it missional space or missional margin, but being on mission with God within a crowded schedule, that space has to be there. I’m not talking about adding something else to your life, because we believe all of life is mission. I simply mean that margin must exist for us to do specific things related to leading missionally. For us that’s hosting and leading an MC. It might mean re-prioritizing things, cutting something out, quitting a job, taking a different job, or even moving to a new neighborhood.

We are excited about the opportunities God is bringing our way, and we are grateful for the margin in our lives to be able to take those opportunities!